Mingle Tip: Search Mingle Projects Directly In Firefox

Do you love using Firefox’s built in Google search? Wish there was a way you could do that with your Mingle projects? Well, now you can with the code below.

I’ve provided a download of the xml file here.

You’ll need to edit the file to point to the Mingle project you want to use the search tool with and then you need to install it into your searchplugins directory for Firefox, which for Windows is probably something like

C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins

and for Mac is something like


Drop the xml file in the folder and restart Firefox and you’ll have your new Mingle search up and running. It should look like this

Note: I’m working on getting this to work as described in this mozilla dev article for Mingle. It shouldn’t be too hard since we can modify views in Mingle. I’ll blog about it if people are interested.

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