Mingle Tip: Automatically Refresh Mingle

I’ve seen many teams using Mingle as a card wall instead of using real index cards. Usually the teams are distributed, so real cards wouldn’t help anyway. They all run into the same problem that Mingle doesn’t have a feature to automatically refresh a page throughout the day as the team updates cards. I’ll show you a few simple solutions you can choose from to refresh Mingle automatically.

Firefox Extension

A quick and easy solution is to use a Firefox extension that can automatically refresh any page called ReloadEvery. This is probably the least amount of work and works just fine.


I’ve also created a small bit of HTML that uses Javascript to refresh an IFrame that takes up the whole page. Just change the google URL to whatever page you need to point to and the amount of seconds you want it to refresh (set to 5 right now). It works in all of the browsers I could find.

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