A Shift In Attitude

Agile is about a shift in attitude more than process. It requires a shift in focus that is easy to explain, but hard to put in practice.

A useful way to view making the change is as an investment. There are many advantages to thinking this way about how you change an organization.

Being disciplined about investing in people, testing out theory, evaluation and constant improvement go a long way.

When you look to implement this kind of change, process only takes you part of the way. The mechanics of analysis, for instance, can be taught in a few weeks, but it takes a deliberate shift in thinking as well as practice to get good.

Shifting language is a good first step to shifting attitudes. Language around collaboration rather than commitees and processes. Shifting from requirements to goals and priorities.

When you change language, you can start to change minds. It’s a long road and it helps to have experts to guide you along the way. Don’t expect a magic process and if you work with me, expect a conversation.

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