Mingle Tip: Add Quick Links to Mingle

I’ve been using Mingle a lot lately, so I’ll be posting some quick tips that I’ve found useful in my projects.

Did you know that you can add a set of quick links in the header of your project?

Mingle’s help pages show how it’s done, but oddly, the help page seems to be hard to navigate to unless you know what you are looking for. It’s under Content > Customizing Projects > Project Environment and Navigation > Setting Up Quick Header Links.

First, you’ll need to create a wiki page called Special:HeaderActions. That’s where you’ll store all of your links. Once you do that, you can enter in links like this:

<a href=”/projects/{{project}}/wiki/Project_Metrics” accesskey=”m”>Project Metrics</a>|

<a href=”/projects/{{project}}/cards/new?properties[status]=new&properties[type]=defect” accesskey=”b”>+Defect</a>

<a href=”/projects/{{project}}/cards/new?properties[status]=new&properties[type]=story” accesskey=”s”>+Story</a>

Save the wiki page with these new links and you’ll see new navigation links for your project that look something like this.

With the access keys we’ve put on the links, you can even use keyboard shortcuts to these new links.

Finally, I’d like to mention that currently Mingle is free for 5 users or less and that academic, open source, and non-profit projects can get a license to use it for larger teams for free too. Contact me directly or talk to the ThoughtWorks Studios team to get set up. We’ve even got people that will help you configure it to your team’s needs.