Pretend You Are Leaving Tomorrow

Jonathan Rasmusson wrote a great post reminding us to Pretend you are going to be there forever.  His post is really great for contractors who mostly just come and go.

What works equally well is to pretend you are leaving tomorrow.  It’s a great exercise if you really do think you’ll be at your company for a long time and will have to maintain the software you create.  If you’re leaving tomorrow, what would you fix, document, clean up, or write tests for?  Who would you be nice to? We used to call this the “Hit by a bus” effect, but some people liked to use “the lottery winner” effect as the name. It really helped people get that they had to maintain their systems better and not become bottlenecks and share information.

Let’s see if we can make it a bit more general so that everyone can use it.

“Invert, always invert.” — Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi

If you haven’t heard of Jacobi, you should check him out. Anyway, basically, all you have to do is think of the opposite of whatever position you are in. Have lots of time? Now pretend you have little. Have lots of people? What if you only had a few? Have only a little money? What if you had a lot? Stretching the constraints in your projects can really help you see new solutions. It’s helped me solve problems countless times for myself and my clients.

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  1. Great insight Joe. I love the way you tip this on it’s head.
    The invert always invert idea is something I have heard of best must say haven’t tried nearly enough.
    I am going to give it a go this week (actually right now!).

    All the best. JR

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