Laws of Power #4

A little late with this one, but better late than never. This week I talk about the value of keeping your mouth shut.

Laws of Power #3

This week’s laws of power talks about concealing your intentions until the last possible second so as to confuse others (typically an enemy or competitor) of your real goal. One of my business life lessons was learned the hard way through this law. Being on the receiving end is a very lasting reminder.

HTTP 412

If you’ve ever hit this error, you are dealing with mod_security. I was posting an article about some technology and some of the words triggered the filter and were giving me the famed 412 error. It basically means something in my article was a restricted word in this case. I’ll have to figure this out.

I heart craigslist

I’ve always been an ebay kind of guy, but I was turned on to craigslist by a friend when I was trying to sell a computer. That sucker sold in less than 30 minutes. Everything was local, I dealt in cash, and I didn’t have to pay ebay for helping me list it. In the future, if you have anything that might be a good ebay sell, try craigslist first. You can always do an auction later if it doesn’t sell.

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Laws of Power #1

I found a list of the 48 laws of power online and I will be commenting on one each Monday. I have learned many of these laws the hard way through business, so there will be a story to tell with each one. Tune in every week, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Starting Anew

I’ve started new with my site here. New design and a new commitment to writing some stuff here. Read on for more.