Getting Weird Rails Errors?

Having trouble with rails on OS X? Are you getting something like this message?

`require': No such file to load -- rubygems (LoadError)

Then the ruby binary may have been replaced on your machine by Apple in an update recently. The fix is just to remove Apple’s version in /usr/bin or to change your bash profile to load your version of ruby first.

New Homepage

I decided I needed a new front page to this place, so I went to work on something new. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted until I started putting something down on paper and forming some ideas. I finally came up with the design you see “here”: and I am pretty happy with it. Read on after the jump on how I did it.

I’m a ThoughtWorker!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while until the final paperwork came through, but now that the ink is drying on my contracts, I’m proud to announce that I will be working as a Business Analyst for ThoughtWorks. I start May 1st with orientation in the Chicago office and then I’ll be put on a project for one of our clients. Read on for more if you want to know why I chose ThoughtWorks and how I got to this point.

Laws of Power #15

I took a break with these for a while, but now they are back. More on that in another post. This week, I talk about completely defeating an enemy so that they do not come back. More after the jump.

Rails 1.1 and Typo PSA

If you read this and you are running Typo, I hope it helps you. I am one of the Typo Gardeners at TypoGarden. Rails 1.1 just came out and it breaks some backwards compatibility and at this time, Typo breaks when it is run with it. There is an experimental branch of Typo that hopes to fix these issues, but for now, it would be wise either not to upgrade to Rails 1.1 unless you need it, or to run

rake freeze_edge REVISION=3303

in your Typo directory so that you freeze which version of Rails (1.0) you are running until something can be done. This is particularly relevant for people on shared hosts like TextDrive or Dreamhost. This has been a PSA. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Typo/Rails problem with cached directories

There was a problem on my site for a while where certain categories on my Typo install were just redirecting to an old school listing of files like when there is no index page in a folder. It bugged me for a while, until I thought about how Rails does its routing of URLs. More after the jump.

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Laws of Power #14

This week’s law talks about knowing your rival. I recently used the same advice to make myself better for a position. More after the jump.

Can Rails Migrations Become Easier?

I’ve been mulling an idea around in my head for the past week. I can’t seem to sleep without thinking about it (which usually means I need to build something). Rails migrations are pretty easy to get your head around. They add all of the benefits of being able to keep database changes under version control and let you work with a team while doing it, among other things. Can we make creating these migrations even easier? How about a web app to create, modify, and manage migrations? I think that’s what I need to create, if only for my sanity, but hopefully it will be useful for someone else too.

Laws of Power #13

This week’s law is great. I’ve always heard from people, “It’s better to catch flies with honey…” and, “A spoonful of sugar…” These sayings all get to the core of what people respond to: something sweet for them. More after the jump.

P2P Banking

Prosper: Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now lend money or request money in the form of a loan. You set the interest rate, you take the benefits. I think of it as P2P banking. I wish I had thought of it. I’ll be watching these guys with interest to see how they do. Makes me wonder what other “old” things can be made new again with P2P in front of it.