Mingle Tip: Keeping Casual Users In The Loop

Mingle History Filter
In some projects, there are sometimes people that want to stay informed of what is happening without having to login to Mingle constantly.

One good example is someone that has to verify that work has been completed by the development team.

Our fictional customer, Sandy, is a busy person and would like a way to keep informed of when she needs to look at the work the development team has done so that she doesn’t get behind. She doesn’t have time to check Mingle all day and lives in email and feed readers all day.

Fortunately for Sandy, Mingle has a simple and powerful solution for her. By simply going to the History tab in Mingle, she can see all of what is going on in real time. But wait, there is too much information that Sandy doesn’t need to look at. Sandy needs to take a few steps to give her just what she needs with all of the steps highlighted in the image on the right.

# Sandy only wants to know what she needs to act on. She doesn’t care about updates to pages or code checkins. So clicking on the cards checkbox limits her search just to cards that are changing.
# This is still too much information, so she further narrows her choices down by selecting only to look at stories because she doesn’t need to know about defects.
# Her final choice is to select that the card changed to a story status of “In Customer Review” because that’s where she knows she’ll need to take some action and look at the work her team is doing.
# Sandy can then choose how she wants to stay informed via feed or email.

Mingle now keeps Sandy up to date on what she needs to review. She’s happy because she can keep up to date even while she’s out of the office.

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