Developers Don’t Read Stories, So Talk To Them Instead

In Jakob Neilsen’s How Little Do Users Read? he sites an ACM study that has found that people typically only read about 20% of content on a page on average, with a max of around 28%.

This just confirms my suspicion that developers fully don’t read the stories that I write for them, even though they are highly focused and relevant to what they are looking for. Instead of reading, they skim and look at the screenshots I provide.

What can we take away from this? Treat stories as a conversation point, rather than a full design spec. If your devs have to read thousands of words in your stories, they are too big. Talk to your team and make sure people understand what you are trying to do.

At 130 words above, most people have read only 26 words in this article, meaning they’ve barely read the first paragraph. Scary.

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