Laws of Power #11

This week, I talk about making people dependent on you and the freedom that brings when you are the provider. More after the jump.

Laws of Power #10

This week’s law of power may be a controversial one and it is one that I struggle with because I am the type of person who likes to care for people. The way that I apply it in my life and work is to think about what lifeguards are trained to do.

Laws of Power #9

This week, I talk about something that comes up everywhere: office politics. If you work in an office, it will happen to you. More after the jump.

On NTFS Performance Hacks and Design

An article came across my news reader today and happened to click on it. I think a lot about design and where the user comes into play in a system, so this article intrigued me in a way it probably wasn’t meant to do. It is an article called NTFS Performance Hacks. I discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly after the jump.

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This is a Public Service Announcement. Always, *ALWAYS* back up your machine with something like SuperDuper before doing a system update. As they say, if you don’t back up your data, it isn’t important to you. This concludes our public service announcement for the day. Carry on.

Laws of Power #6

This week, I talk about getting attention for yourself. What works for companies (commonly known as hype) can work for the individual as well.